Why I prefer self pleasure than sex

Everyone loves to talk about sex like it is the most amazing thing that any human being can experience, they exaggerate and fantasise about the euphoric feel of an orgasm and how it’s a feeling that you will never forget.


Well I beg to differ as I’ve had a lot of sex with many people but I can openly say none of these experiences have been unforgettable. In fact there’s many embarrassing moments that I would gladly forget.


As a london escort from Charlotte London Escorts I get to hear about many sexual ventures and experiences from my clients and some are funny sexy and others are just out right embarrassing. What I don’t understand is why people make such a big deal out of the act of sexual intercourse. Sex when we see it on the television is nothing like it is in real life. It’s portrayed as this amazing physical feeling when really that kind of euphoric feeling it’s only felt when two people are truly in sync and that is very hard to come bye. My motto is a London escorts and someone has had a lot of sex is your born by yourself and love yourself you can pleasure yourself much better than any other person can do for you.


A lot of my friends from London escorts tell me that I’m a cynic and that is because I haven’t found true love or my soulmate and that’s why I’ve never experience real amazing and mind blowing sex. I beg to differ with them because at the end of the day I have had many experiences with many men I have loved wholeheartedly and have been in relationships where I have had a soulmate however the sex wasn’t as amazing as what they make out on the television.


What I found in my experience is that self pleasure can actually be much more rewarding than actual penetrative sex. You understand your body and only you know what parts feel good when they are touched in what order and how quickly or slowly to create or invoke a truly sensual euphoric feeling. No matter what my friends in London escort say there is no one in the world that can read your mind whilst having sex with you to enable you to feel pleasure all of the time. Yes I may sound like a cynic however I would 100% pleasure myself over bothering myself to go and find someone to pleasure me.


And these days it’s made so much easier with all these amazing sex toys that are available literally you can get one of Amazon if you want it to be delivered on the same day so the stress of finding someone who is going to understand you and your body and put in all the years of work and effort is not necessary when you can just click twice on Amazon and within a couple of hours you have yourself in a position of pure pleasure.

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