When I was younger, I did not really have any plans for my future.

As a matter of fact, I did not know what to when I left school. The only thing that I knew was that I did not want to stay on and go to college. One of the girls that I knew pretty well, had a mum who worked for London escorts. I thought it was a bit funny that they talked about it, but it did not seem to worry them at all.

One of the things that I realized about my friend’s mum early on was that she earned really good money. When I was about 17 years old, I decided to have a little chat to her about escorting at London escorts. It would perhaps not be my first career choice but it was not really second best neither, and I would get a chance to earn some decent money by the looks of it.

The honest truth was that I was desperate to get away from home. Both of my parents were heavy drinkers and I had never had a home life. My older brother had already left home and was living in Scotland. I know that he really hated my parents and had been dying to leave home. I very much wanted to do the same thing and soon London escorts became part of my escape plan. If I could only earn enough money at the agency, I could go travel for a couple of years.

In the end, I took a look at myself and realized that I was not too bad looking. So, I went out and invested in a new wardrobe. If I was going to go onto work at London escorts, I would provide a classy service. None of the other girls at the agency seemed to be going down that route so I thought that it would be something different. Today, I am grateful that I followed my gut instinct and went the classy route. I am one of the tip girls at the agency.

There are days when I think that I would like to leave the agency but I am still doing well at London escorts. In recent months, I have become a bit greedy and really started to plan for the future. I know that I am making good money. If I hung on for a few more years, I could afford to buy a couple of more places in North London. I may not have finished school, but I have certainly realized how much money can be made out of property. If I play my cards right, I will never have to work again and can just continue to enjoy my life. Who says that you need to go to university to have a business brain? I certainly seem to be doing okay for myself and I may even consider starting my own escort agency. There must be room for another group of hot girls out there.

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