Most escorts date international business men most frequently

and as we all know business men do travel around the world a lot. The vast majority are only in one place for a short period of time, and off they go again. It is a difficult lifestyle and many of these business men do find it very difficult to form and engage in long term relationships, let alone maintain a marriage. This is one of the many reasons they like to date escorts. There are escorts services available all over the world, and here at the Better Sex offices we decided to ask a couple of dates where in the world they preferred dating. Give a chance, would they choose a Las Vegas escort or London escorts from I must admit the guys tried to be as discreet as they could be as they did not want to offend any of their dates around the world, but to the trained ear, it did sound like London escorts came out on top. Have you ever been to Las Vegas? This is truly the city of lights and seems to be always full of hustle and bustle. Apparently, according to our two dates, so are the Las Vegas escorts. The shared opinion seemed to be that they were always in a hurry and have very little time for their dates really. Both of our guys were quick to point out that the girls were also very business like and even held out their hands for money as soon as they came in through the door. Las Vegas girls are also very self absorbed. Many of them seem to be more interested in talking about themselves, rather than letting the date have a say. Just stopping to enjoy the general niceties of life even seem to be too much of a trouble, and pleases and thank you’s were less frequently used than in London. One of the guys, Alan, said that you can buy a Las Vegas escort a nice glass of wine and she will not say thank you. Alan said it is nice to have manners whether you are an escort or not. London girls are also better dressed than Las Vegas escorts. Many of the girls turn up in what looks like a t-short dress with extremely high heels. The word escort stands out by a mile, and often this made our two dates feel a bit uncomfortable. They were both keen to point out that you could seldom bring a Las Vegas escort to a business dinner. London escorts are different, they are happy to sit down to chat at a business dinner and always seem to know what to say. London escorts are also less rushed. They seem to be able to take their time and often allow extra time in between dates.

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